Monthly Roundup Newsletter August 2022

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POW 34

How have absolute prices risen and what is the impact on volume share changes this year?

Increase in absolute prices paid is often higher for Private Label products and in Discounters compared to their competition
Discounter and PL prices are not only increasing more in relative but often also in absolute terms than their competition…
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POW 33

There has been a lot of commentary recently that inflation is leading to people cutting back...

In fact more “normal service” is being resumed after the last 2 years - as shown in last week’s edition on overall purchasing.
Here we look at the real drivers of Discounter and Private Label trends. The prices paid for FMCG are rising fastest...
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POW 32

FMCG for the first half of 2022 shows the expected declines and increased prices

BUT the declines compare with record market levels in the last two years and are also linked to less working from home than last year. FMCG value remains significantly higher than pre-pandemic. Compared with the first half of 2019, FMCG this year is more...
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War and Inflation Impact Barometer

Central and Eastern Europe Regional Webinar
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Marketing decisions in times of disruption

How useful is historical data in predicting the future?
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A toolkit for the new consumer marketplace


Staying a step ahead of tomorrow’s fast changing consumers


Refreshing your generational playbook


Changing values, nimble brands: Adapting along with the consumer
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Green ambitions, golden opportunities

Sustainability in times of instability
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Diversify channels to beat inflation

Kantar Video

Value for Money

Latin Americans found a way to guarantee a value-for-money equation in their shopping routines...
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