Europanel Monthly Roundup - Insights, Trends, Updates - September 2023

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POW 2023 40

We celebrate the 5th anniversary of our global Who Cares, Who Does Sustainability Study.

This edition of Pick of the Week looks at top headlines from the recently launched WCWD 2023 report. In 2023, we see Eco-Actives as substantial, yet the smallest share of households...

POW 2023 39

Unusually high inflation has increased the importance of price in consumers’ decision-making.

This edition of Pick of the Week looks at the relative prices charged by brands in comparison to Private Labels in their category.

POW 2023 38

Another week with a renewed focus on Private Label (PL) Growth in Europe.

Is total category expenditure linked to PL success? How is PL success related to the price premium of brands vs PL? Is growth more or less likely when PL is already strong?

POW 2023 37

This week we are taking a look at category buyer churn. There are three questions that we aim to shed light on.

How many buyers does a category lose and does this differ between “mega-categories”? Does the size of the category affect the churn rate? Are there levers that seem to help in gaining new category buyers?


Celebrating the 5th year of WCWD

Who Cares and Who Does in 2023?

The WCWD '23 Study is out!
The largest-ever view on attitudes to sustainable product choices and actions to reduce waste! Globally consistent and robust data for 35 countries across 4 continents and over 112,000 respondents.
Contact us today to find out more.
Visit the WCWD website
Who cares Who does in 2023?

13 September 2023: KANTAR webinar

Eco-insights 2023: What consumers (really) want
Watch the Kantar Webinar

28 September 2023: GfK CPS webinar

Why the permacrisis could mean good news for sustainability?
Watch the GfK CPS Webinar


Kantar Foodservice Webinar


Turning tables: Unlocking Foodservice frontiers

Thursday, 19 OCT 2023

The future of food is not set in stone; it’s on a plate, in a box, and (for many) increasingly, at our doorstep. The Foodservice industry has been undergoing an unprecedented transformation globally. From quick-service restaurants enjoying a fast and furious ascent to meal delivery platforms reshaping our culinary compass, the changes are as varied as they are far-reaching.

Join us for a webinar where we'll unpack the findings of our latest global report into how we engage in the widening range of Foodservice channels.


Asia Pulse Q2 2023

The latest edition of Asia Pulse offers insights into the FMCG industry in the Asia-Pacific region for Q2 of 2023.

As we mark one year since the onset of inflation, observing how countries have adapted and found their new baselines is fascinating.
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Kantar Asia Pulse

FMCG Barometer Report

Trends since 2007

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