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POW 19

The Leaky Bucket for Categories

For the average category 1 out of 3 buyers in year t will not buy the category in year t+1.

POW 20

Shopping Frequency among New, Lost and Retained Buyers

Retained Buyers of a Brand buy it about twice as often in a given year than new buyers in that year or...

POW 21

Shopping frequency among new, lost and retained category buyers

Following up last week’s analyses focusing on brand purchase frequency this week’s pick investigates the category angle.

POW 22

Brand Loyalty: how big is it and how does it link with purchase frequency?

Share-of-wallet: the measure which shows how much of their category spend the average brand buyer allocates to this brand



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The next Brand Growth 2.0 Event

How attitudes and purchases differ between also‑online versus offline‑only grocery shoppers in online and offline grocery shopping.

The learnings rely on a research on household panel data encompassing 4,142,485 purchases and diverse consumer characteristics (such as demographics and attitudes) from more than 20,000 households between 2016 and 2020.

Europanel BG20: Recent learnings on brand success

We will share a number of analyses how brands have fared over the past five years – in terms of share gains, competition with Private Labels and the impact of marketing activities (with a focus on innovation).

Join us to learn about these insights – and to initiate further inquiries into our massive dataset on brand success (10+ years, 30+ countries, 80+ categories).
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What’s inside Brand Footprint 2024?

From detailed case studies of emerging market giants to local rocket ships, we’ve got the data and analysis to show clients ways to carve out new avenues for growth, making us an Indispensable Brand Partner in their journey.

Ultimately, every strategy, campaign, and marketing investment converge at a pivotal moment — the shopper’s final choice.
Our rankings distinctly capture this moment of truth, confirming the ultimate expression of shopper conversion. This edition includes:

  • Brand rankings: Discover which brands are dominating the global market and why they continue to thrive.
  • Fastest movers: Learn about the brands that have made significant leaps in rankings, and their strategies.
  • Biggest shopper recruiters: Identify the brands that have successfully attracted the most new shoppers.
  • Surprise winners: Uncover a few unexpected brands that have outperformed and the secrets to their success.
Who should be interested?

Brand owners, marketing leaders, strategists, and anyone eager to understand the nuances of consumer behaviour and brand dynamics will find this report invaluable.
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Home is where the heart is

In this enlightening session, we navigate through the latest research findings, uncovering the shifting landscape of household fundamentals, societal concerns, shopping strategies, and key occasions within the home.

From exploring the impact of waning cost-of-living concerns to dissecting the motivations driving buying behaviors, we offer fresh insights and actionable strategies to navigate the evolving consumer landscape.

Join us as we dive into the heart of the home in this, our 7th edition of the Behavior Change study of 21 European markets, and unlock the keys to understanding shopper behavior change in 2024.
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KANTAR: PanelVoice

How the people behind your future penetration growth view your brand

With the Brand Levers in PanelVoice survey solution, you can understand more about the buyers that offer your route to growth and how they view your brand by using Levers, such as:

  • Identify your buyer targets which can provide you the most growth potential
  • Compare the attributional difference between target buyer groups
  • Derive the factors lead to a recorded purchase
How the people behind your future penetration growth view your brand - image

The latest edition of
Europanel's Global FMCG
Barometer will be out June 24th!

99 pages on value and volume trends, on the
impact of price on consumer choice, changes in
the number of buyers, shopping frequency and
basket size.
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