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Posted by europanel on Jun 15, 2017

June 2017: New beginnings

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past few years you may have noticed that Europanel has undergone something of a transformation. We have redesigned our strategy, our image, our website, and now our internal newsletter.

Our new and exciting newsletter was redesigned based on your feedback and now includes the following key sections:

  • All you need to know about our activity on key accounts
  • Latest developments on big pitches
  • News about our team and our people
  • Plus each month a special update on one of the countries within our fantastic international network

We hope you enjoy and would welcome any further feedback




Key Accounts

Unilever James

The relationship with Unilever has never been stronger. In a recent review meeting with Helen Passingham-Hughes the CMI lead, Stan Sthanunathan, made very positive comments about Europanel and our close partnership with UL. If we further improve our solutions, services and business models, whilst speeding up technology developments, Stan was passionate about the future role of our panels at the heart of CMI.

At the same time, Unilever have clear pressure on their budgets. There are opportunities for the right solutions and we are working also to unlock budgets outside of CMI.  Speed of insights and action has never been more important to Unilever…

Central Developments

The recent KraftHeinz takeover bid has accelerated Unilever’s resolve in making the operational improvements needed to bring the business to profitability and growth.  We are working closely with them to help ensure this happens.

The Europanel account planning meeting in Berlin was a big success with significant contribution, energy and enthusiasm from everyone involved, led by two of our most senior client contacts. The work starts now to align our objectives and account planning to drive sales growth for Global Business Solutions (ABS/GBS), develop sales and relationship with Customer Development and reduce time spent at lower levels of the Insight Pyramid.

Several projects to uncover opportunities for short term growth are in play as Unilever look to accelerate growth in 2017.

Unilever are particularly interested in the incremental impact of innovation, and we are currently developing a proposal for their Global Marketing Leadership team.


Andy Parkinson and Thomas Spony are working to build global consumer panel expertise modules for the new Unilever organisation. BG20 plays a significant role in this in setting out parameters of how high-penetration brands have consistently grown in the past.

Foods & Refreshment

The Unilever Foods business is under pressure to deliver short-term growth to the company. The Foods & Refreshment teams have merged. As a result, the category planning activity has been disrupted with new focus areas expected to include opportunity identification, market activation, NPD, Health & Wellness trends.

We are working closely with the Unilever leadership and have already identified over 40 activation/execution opportunities to boost revenue and growth of the team in the short-term.

Personal Care

Unilever is focussing on improving its brand positioning across many of the sub-categories within Personal Care. They have also instigated project to look at demographic segments and personal care routines.


There is a focus on brand reviews, millennials, portfolio management and innovation. Continued work on price/premium and retailer profiles are helping us to identify growth opportunities for Unilever.

P&G Delphine

We have nearly completed the re-invention of the P&G HHP world. This transformation has led to changes in how P&G access our data, but also in how we service the data.  We now have a dedicated Category team which is organised with a regional focus.  Our teams have central access to the databases and can respond to client queries across multiple markets.

Central developments

Two important P&G stakeholders joined our recent account planning session in Berlin to advise us how to continue to improve following the new re-invention contract.

They are asking us to:

  • WOW more, on important topics and proactively
  • Be business owners and take ownership
  • Provide direction and trend setting
  • Focus on the story and the recommendations
  • To show courage, challenge our contacts and the business
  • Keep communication pipes open and reapply between local and global teams
  • Update proactively our Joint Business Plans with P&G end users
  • Deal with data quality queries faster, and with clearer roles and responsibilities
  • Ask for help

Following this, we have been articulating our 2017 Global Account Plan Shared Goals, for use by the whole P&G team.  The plan focusses on delivering Do and Dare areas, each with their workstreams and owners.

Data Delivery: latest GCD are now set up, and itemisations revisions progress significantly under way. A lot of efforts from all the teams across the world to deliver GCD and enhance the itemisations, many thanks to all.

Skin Care

We are in discussions with P&G about setting up a Superwoman Beauty Panel in Thailand to help cover the emerging channels (e-commerce and beauty stores such as Sephora) and the Prestige end of the market in more depth. A mobile purchase panel has been proposed to P&G with the proposal for an initial pilot study, potentially exclusive to P&G, before evaluating to see if the panel will meet the objectives above. If the Pilot is successful, the Thailand team will be looking to secure support from other clients as well to develop the full panel.


From a Hair perspective, we have co-created with the European team a Penetration Deepdive to quantifiy key opportunities per brand and country.  Price and Pack size mix is becoming more and more important to the team, as highlighted by a recent piece of work on Turkey. Finally, under 35’s are becoming a popular topic.


On Homecare, our global Penetration Partner initiative has allowed us to demonstrate some strong cross country insights and quantify opportunities for the B4 in Europe. The local German team had previously also very well received the initiative.

Fabric Care

On Fabric care, our relationships with the R&D team is becoming stronger and stronger, as we look at using the Pilot into new categories, but also to push behavioural data even more into the heart of their laundry decisions making, and find new application of our data.  We are also kicking off a large project on behavioural buyer behaviour work, with the B5 Senior Lead for Home & Fabric.


Baby has been very active in the last months, as P&G has looked seriously at using the household panel data to report diapers sales and key measures. This will take place in Q1 2017 for Europe. Baby panels will continue to be used where available for ad hoc work. Linked to this, we have been doing some work on the various area of their Joint Business Plans, like Baby Pants, but also household without babies behaviour in the category.

To develop our category expertise, we have identified writing up category bible as a key initiative, and something we are piloting on R&B in particular.


Key Strategic Accounts

CocaCola A number of different contacts from both Coke Company and CCEP attended the Global Account Meeting held in Berlin. In addition to presentations featuring best practice from the local teams at Kantar and GfK, the clients also spoke about their global strategic priorities going forward. Based on the outcomes of the meeting, a number of actions and objectives were developed for the year to help Coke hit their targets both in 2017 and over the longer term.Europanel attended a market visit in Madrid with CCEP’s Central Business Planning and Insight team. In addition to visiting a range of retailers and HORECA outlets in Spain, Europanel participated in an all-day forum between the central BP&I Team and the Spain BP&I Team; leading to a stronger client relationship globally.

It has already been mentioned that Europanel will be invited to further market visits in the future, as part of the ‘One Team’ objective between CCEP and Europanel.

In addition to this, the Europanel team is helping Coke on several projects:

  • Support on addressing one’s of Coke key priority: the Decline of Diet Coke! CCEP commissioned a Leaky Bucket Analysis in the UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.
  • Measurement of the on-the-go consumption via HH+ project
Nomad We have finalised our contract with Nomad, which covers 11 countries and as well as global resourcing to take our relationship with them to the next level. Despite difficult negotiation, we have secured a contract until 2019.
Pepsico The account planning meeting in Berlin was very successful, and led to key actions to drive a more connected team! A sharing platform will be delivered to help support sharing, and extend our reach at the client with local and global pieces of work.Europanel is supporting Pepsi in its initiative to understand their performance drivers and to reach higher level of penetration with their brands globally. This will be delivered to the Europanel Team through GCD, which now includes more countries and categories. This project is likely to drive further revenue, as Europanel is already engaging with Pepsi on a way to better visualize their future opportunities.

As growth opportunities are essential to Pepsi this time of the year, a couple of other projects are taking place to help advance their position across the globe.

  • Following a successful and well received first version, Europanel is producing a second Tea Report to identify new spaces to play in the category
  • A demand Space Segmentation will be delivered in Spain and France, in order to support Pepsi with their distribution strategy
Johnson & Johnson We are working towards building a global database for J&J. This project will help us position panel as a key indicator to business growth and will help us drive further revenue opportunities.We are already preparing for this, and are running trainings for all CMI and marketing teams to ensure confidence and strong knowledge in ways of working with panel data.
GSK Europanel has been active on the GSK account, in meeting teams a global level and start building relationship with the client. We have recently been invited to an all-day strategy meeting, to discuss ways to collaborate better.Last year, Europanel delivered a project to assess GSK’s ROI on sampling and recommendation efforts. This project has been highly appreciated at GSK global, and the newly formed Global Oral Care team has asked for a re-run of the study to integrate into their new strategic planning model.

We are currently supporting GSK in making panel data core to their business by delivering training materials to be delivered locally.

Although at early stages, the global analytics team has shown interest in a global panel contract.

COTY Following a successful pitch last year, Europanel has been working hard with the global teams at Coty in getting their deliveries on point.Although the contract is still on the way, we are discussing extension of the contract on several aspects (new countries to be added, a global central database and usage data). We are preparing to integrate these new services, and have offered Coty to deliver training sessions to ensure panel becomes a central part of their business and growth strategy plans.
Mondeleze The end of 2016 saw many changes within the global team at Mondelez with many key contacts changing roles and some leaving the business. But we have continued with business as usual as much as possible.The Omni-Channel project for the global team is ongoing and although the focus so far has been on the UK, we will further develop the analyses done in France and China imminently. We are hoping this project will reach senior audience, and drive our importance to their business.

The Laws of Growth project also continues, with new stakeholders and resulting handover.

Henkel The beginning of 2017 has seen Henkel continue their interest in online data, looking at category performance online, across 18 countries across the globe. Results have been shared and will be presented to the global research team in Duesseldorf.
We have agreement with the Africa Eurasia division for ongoing tracking of their key categories in Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Turkey.  This is a new client in these countries, winning the business of Dunnhumby in South Africa and Ipsos in Turkey. We are setting up a GCD to service the central and local teams.



For questions pertaining to global pitches please contact Raja Halabi, Global Pitch Director at

Live Pitches

Nestle Global pitch underway for a new all-country MSA. Following some recent organisational changes, Nestle global procurement are forcing approvals to be signed at the regional, rather than country level. This will be enforced from Jan 2018 onwards
Unilever With the current contract ending this year, we are actively working to ensure that this is a non-competitive renewal rather than a competitive pitch. This is complicated somewhat by the intensifying pressures on budgets.
Aldi The retail team is currently in discussions with Aldi Nord for an 8-country European data proposal in conjunction with their media agency.
Auchan Multi-country segmentation proposal submitted and awaiting client feedback.  There are likely to be delays due to a new global CMI lead joining Auchan.  A further pitch for global tracking is also in the pipeline for 2018
Haribo Discussing a longer term global engagement with aim of increasing and harmonising the use of consumer panel data to the business.
Savencia Discussion of renewal of 3-country contract for 2018 onwards


Completed Pitches

Lidl 3-year, 20-country contract signed thanks to the extensive support and collaboration of the GfK Germany team.  This is Europanel’s first significant contract with a global retailer and is allowing Lidl to maximise its growth across Europe
Friesland Campina 3-year, 17-country agreement, marking Friesland Campina’s first truly global agreement and instrumental in realising their global ambitions. A significant global minimum client investment target stimulates further growth
Kelloggs Renewal covering 2018-21, across 9 markets. Revenue for the group is down following Kellogg’s recent poor financial performance and subsequent budget pressures
Colgate Brand new 2 year contract covering Kenya, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Turkey
InBev 8-country European offer put forward. Client procurement rejected on the basis of wanting more generous payment terms. Discussion is continuing at a country level


Expected Pitches

Auchan Mondeleze Johnson & Johnson Danone General Mills The Body Shop Carlsberg


EP News

Introducing the Europanel Retail Team


Meet our brand new Europanel Retail team in place to support and grow our retailer clients and support better shopper solutions across the wider network.
Following our success with Lidl, and a successful account planning session in Berlin; our team is currently formulating a new retail strategy to better service retailers and build stronger partnerships across our entire network.



Stefano Stefano Giusti, Global Retail Director
Based in Frankfurt am Main
  • Born in Livorno, Italy, lived and worked in several countries, in Germany since 2008.
  • Studied ancient Greek and Latin literature, before coming back to the future and developing a passion for FMCG and retail.
  • Worked for Nielsen (happens even in the best families), Ferrero and Reckitt Benckiser, focussing on Shopper Marketing and Category Management.
  • Being an ex-rugby player he’s 100% there for the team and develops lasting personal ties with colleagues and collaborators, although some alumni went bad (like the one in the photo).
  • When he’s not under water at work, he’s under water scuba diving or dancing salsa or spending time with his daughter, his friends and his family.
Julia Julia Keller, International Client Insight Director
Based in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Julia strives for impacting the business through intelligent data analysis, client-orientation, and efficiency.
  • Julia comes with a broad experience in Consumer & Shopper Insights and Category Management. Before joining Europanel, she worked for GfK in Latin America and Asia as well as for the client side at Colgate Palmolive and Procter & Gamble.
  • Julia is married and has 2 little daughters, which require a good amount of her energy in after-work hours. In the (little) remaining time, she loves to go jogging, hiking, discover new places and have dinner with her husband and friends.
Carole Carole Nero, International Client Insight Director
Based in Paris, France
  • Before joining the Europanel team in 2006, Carole worked for Kantar Worldpanel France , responsible for an exclusive panel for Mc Donald’s.
  • Born in the Caribbean, Carole lives and works in Paris. Carole is married and has 2 daughters.
  • She is a fan of music and plays several instruments (piano, harp & violin). She also like skiing and always spend at least one week in the Alps in winter. But she definitely has a passion for Oenology and red wines, in particular those from the Bourgogne region (France).
Benjamin Benjamin Brinkhoff, Client Insight Director
Based in Hamburg, Germany
  • Born in Hannover/Germany, but studied in Munich/Bavaria
  • Holds licence to practice veterinary medicine
  • But in order to make the world a better place, he joined a consultancy and later Europanel to help those who really need him: his clients
  • Enjoys travelling, with a clear favourite destination: Neckarsulm where he dedicates his caretaking love to a major European retailer and…
  • …supports the European Spirit through a shared vision of Category Management…
  • …but alternatively, a trekking tour through The Alps/Norway or Iceland is also acceptable to him.
Benjamin Nuria Ros, Lidl Ad-hoc Insights Director
Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Born in Barcelona but lived in several places. Some of them more exciting than others: South of France, California and until last year London
  • Before joining the Europanel team, she worked for Kantar Worldpanel UK for almost 6 years. Dealing with major clients such as Coca-Cola, Mondelez and P&G
  • She loves to practice some yoga every day, although since she joined the Lidl account wonders if she could make use of the time to learn German!
  • She has a passion for bringing together the local country knowledge into one package, while providing her clients with the right solutions

Europanel Opportunities

Europanel provides an exciting global environment and great opportunities to develop key skills. We work very closely with our clients at strategic level.

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities at Europanel please visit the vacancies page on our website

Current vacancies include:

    • Client Manager: BD/KSA, Business Development
    • Analyst: GDS Romania
    • Executive: GDS team
    • Client Insight Director x 2 – Commercial Development P&G

All about Mexico


What’s new?

In 2017, newspapers have been majorly reporting on what is called the Mexican crisis; the Trump effect, leading to uncertain relationships with the US and the rocketing peso seem to indicate a difficult time for the country. Mexican households themselves recognise this uncertainty and more than three out of four of them believe their economy is going through a strong crisis.

Despite the slowdown at the end of 2016, the Mexican economy is still growing and we expect it to keep on doing so!

Key factors reveal that the economy and shopping behaviour in Mexico aren’t quite at risk in the short run. For example Unemployment rate is lower than last year and is small comparing with other LatAm countries.

Despite the Mexican economic situation not being in crisis itself, certain changes are expected in terms of priorities, purchase habits, brands and choice of outlet. These changes should be considered if brands and manufacturers want to stay close to Mexican shoppers.

Interesting fact!

In Mexico, out of the 10 most chosen brands, 6 are national ones. But the number one brand is international!

It is still a young country, families are becoming smaller and in the last 10 years the average family size moved from 4.3 to 3.7 individuals per household.

Our panel

Our Mexican panel is about 8,500 household, which represent 82% of urban population. We cover more than 19.2 million households, living in cities of over 20,000 inhabitants.

At the moment, this is our main panel, although we also have Media capabilities since 2014.

Where we are looking next…

Our usage panel was developed last year, and will be essential to our growth; unlocking possibilities to understand Mexican cooking habits.

We are also currently looking into an Out-of-home panel, considering a lot a Mexican eat on the go!


For further information or if you would like to put your country on the next newsletter please contact