Half of the world’s households buy Colgate

Posted by Oliver Koll on Jun 08, 2015

fmcg_global1Growth is about penetration: retaining and increasing the number of shoppers choosing the brand. Combining how many households around the world are buying a brand (penetration) and how often (frequency) they do so results in the CRP (Consumer Reach Points) measure. An analysis of more than 400m households from 35 countries (Kantar Worldpanel 32 countries, IRI in the US, GFK in Germany, Italy and Russia) highlights a few interesting facts:

  • Colgate is the only brand bought by over half of the world’s households – it is also the brand that has attracted most new buyers in the past year.
  • Coca-Cola remains the world’s most chosen brand (fewer buyers than Colgate, but higher frequency), and is the #1 brand in 8 countries.
  • Downy is the top riser by Consumer Reach Points – attracting 11 million new shoppers in 2014, up 23%.
  • Dove climbs from position 12 to 9.

A new and more interactive microsite supports the Report – you can investigate the brand stories and data at www.brandfootprint-ranking.com.