Big Means 0.25

Posted by Oliver Koll on Sep 29, 2016

VolumeHow much market share can the number one national brand in a category claim? Across 17 markets and 79 categories we find that the top brand in food, beverage, household and personal care takes on average a quarter of the total market. The top 3 brands on average capture 43% and the top 5 brands 50% of the category’s volume sales. Only Food is lower with an average volume share of 46% for the top 5 brands.

Some noteworthy outliers are low shares for the number one food brands in Germany and Spain (17%) as well as Portugal (15%). Within the branded part of the market, number one brands have an average volume share of 39% across all countries and categories analyzed. This share is higher in categories with high private label shares – evidence that number one brands suffer less from private label competition than smaller brands!?

Countries: AT, BE, BR, DE, DK, ES, FR, HU, NL, PL, PT, RO, RU, SE, TR, UK, US; Categories: up to 79 per country; Year: 2014