How shoppers’ opinions and influences are shaping their purchasing behaviour

Posted by Anna Reinbold on Aug 27, 2020

This week we continue to look at the environment and how shoppers’ opinions and influences are shaping their purchasing behaviour. We also look at new product development following some questions about this during times of hardship.

For FMCG trends, the latest data for many countries shows continued growth – although lockdown has eased, the recent rise in cases seems to be increasing concerns and continued in home consumption.

Pick of the week 36/2020

  1. The Eco-Actives are much more likely to be Eco in all aspects of their purchasing behaviour – nearly 70% also say they have stopped buying products because of their environmental impact. How are your brands faring with this increasingly important group?
  2. ‘My children’ influence both younger and older households with ‘parents’, in turn, influencing the kids! ‘Partner’ influence drops with age!So although younger age groups are less environmentally active, they have a significant influence on behaviour.
  3. Innovation always outperforms renovation in terms of share delivered to the brand but this was even higher over the last recession