Which brands and manufactures show genuine concern

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Nov 16, 2021

Many shoppers look to manufacturers to help limit environmental damage but less than half can name a brand that shows genuine concern – and of these brands, less than half are multi-nationals.

In addition this week, we look at the very close link between FMCG market trends and being at home.


  1. Just 4 in 10 consumers can name a brand with genuine concern for the environment – even fewer for societal concerns
    Efforts by manufacturers to show their concern for the environment and society are still not cutting through – especially important when 30% of shoppers believe that manufacturer action is the most important in terms of limiting environmental damage.
  2. Only 41% of brands that shoppers believe have a genuine concern for the environment are ‘Multi-Nationals’
    Local brands and ones that are ‘born sustainable’ lead the way in terms of getting their environmental credentials across. This doesn’t mean a changed brand positioning but ensuring that these attributes are clear to shoppers.
  3. Time spent at home has a direct effect on the grocery market size
    The FMCG market remains well ahead of historic norms and naturally ‘being at home’ is a key driver. This is shown clearly by comparing with Google Mobility data – including stock-up periods. Therefore forecasts about this factor are very relevant to FMCG predictions.