The issue of wish-cycling

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Dec 07, 2021

Recycling becoming wish-cycling is an increasing issue because many consumers, even the Eco-Actives, are unclear on what can be recycled and which packaging is most harmful to the environment.

Also this week, we receive many questions about the growth of small brands at the expense of large brands – the results show that it depends on your start point and definitions.


  1. Wish-cycling is common. Brands should help consumers understand what can be recycled
    More than one-third of shoppers don’t understand recycling or cannot find the relevant labels. Whilst it is difficult to address local recycling options, labels and instructions should be much clearer.
  2. Right or wrong, shoppers see plastics as the key environmental packaging issue
    As shown by the difference between plastic and glass bottles, plastic is seen as the ‘evil’. Clarity of communication and labelling is vital to ensure that consumers make informed choices.
  3. Are the top brands losing share to smaller competitors? It depends
    The brands that were ranked in the top 3 by category in 2016 lost share by 2020. But the top 3 brands in 2020 had gained share since 2016! The top 3 brands in 2016 and the top 3 brands in 2020 showed very similar shares!! So the answer depends on the start point and is largely a function of share changes within the biggest brands.