Less than 1 in 4 items sold is a brand at regular price

Posted by Oliver Koll on Jul 16, 2014

Folie1For regular readers of supermarket leaflets this piece of news may not come as a surprise: The percentage of FMCG sold on promotion is on the rise in most European markets. With the exception of France, where promotions remained fairly stable just below 20% of value, the share of promoted sales has increased, sometimes by more than five points over the past five years.

Take the example of the Netherlands: The substantial increase in  Private Label share (about 10% over the past six years) and the six percent increase in promotions combined have shaved more than 15% off branded value sales.

Across Western Europe, about 3 of 4 items sold are either a Private Label or a discounted brand. In the UK today, less than 1 in 5 items sold  is a national brand at its regular price.