Brand Portfolios

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Aug 24, 2021

Brand Portfolios come in many forms – single brands dominate but over 40% are multi-brand of differing typologies. This week, we also look at the latest global FMCG market trends into the middle of this year.

  1. To understand the brand portfolio landscape and what drives portfolio success, we have segmented into 4 main typologies: Apex/Solo (single brand large & small); Pride (one dominant large brand); Pair (two or more large brands potentially with other smaller brands); and Pack (number of smaller brands).
  2. Within multi-brand portfolios, “Packs” (several smaller brands) are the largest component rather than portfolios with at least one large brand. Which routes bring success? Keep watching Pick of the Week!
  3. Although the latest quarter shows a decline in FMCG value compared with Q2 2020, the market remains about 10% higher than in 2019. Naturally there is significant variation between countries dependent on lockdown rules and timings.