What is the value-action gap between brands that want to be more sustainable and the ones that already are

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Oct 12, 2021

Continuing the main insights from the new 2021 #WhoCaresWhoDoes study, this week we focus on a huge $800+ billion opportunity for brands. This is to bridge the value-action gap between those that want to act more sustainably and those that do.

We also look at the latest shopping behaviour trends – still reflecting lockdown patterns.

  1. More than one third of shoppers would like to shop sustainably but don’t – these shoppers are worth at least $800 billion Two in three shoppers try to buy products with environmentally friendly packaging but only 29% regularly avoid plastic packs. This leaves a gap of 36% and based on the 24 countries in the study, this is worth $806 billion – a huge opportunity for brands to bridge.
  2. What can brands do about the value-action gap? Value, find ability and knowledge
    Nearly 60% of shoppers say that environmentally friendly products are either difficult to find or too costly – and more than one in five are not clear how to act. The potential value-action gap rewards are huge for brands that can make this easier.
  3. With lockdown, shopping frequency dropped and basket size rose significantly – so far in 2021 these behaviours remain the norm
    Pandemic advice and sometimes lockdown rules led to less shopping around, fewer store visits but very large basket sizes in a record FMCG market. Both behaviours are still the case in Q2 2021.