Local icon or global hero?

Posted by Oliver Koll on Jun 08, 2015

global_localFMCG boasts a balanced mixture of local, regional and global brands. Investigating the presence of some 750 Top 3 share brands across 30 categories in nine countries reveals that about one third of these spots is occupied by 58 “global” brands: They are in the top 3 in their category in at least 3 out of the nine markets. On the other hand, another third of these brands is very “local”: They are not even in the top 10 in any other country outside their home market. The remaining brands are present in more than one market, but not as dominant as the global brands.

Across category types, Pet food brands are most global, whereas Beverage brands are most local. Italy and Spain feature relatively more local brands, whereas Germany and France have the largest percentage of “global” brands (many of which have a local origin, but managed to¬†achieve a leading position¬†in other markets as well).