How much to expect from a SKU

Posted by Oliver Koll on Apr 26, 2016

avgSKUDo some categories have more star performers than others? We analyzed the value sales coming from the average SKU in food, beverage, household and personal care, as well as pet food. Results across eight countries (BE, DE, DK,  ES, FR, NL, PT, UK) show that zero and hero SKUs tend to come from different parts of the assortment.

Indexed against the average sales generated by a food SKU, the average sales from a beverage SKU are twice as high and the average sales from a personal care SKU only half (see figure). Categories with very high average SKU sales are margarine and spreads, milk, colas and toilet tissue. Categories with low average SKU sales are body creams and skin care, toilet soap, and window cleaners. This result can explain why more newly launched beverage and food SKUs remain listed in store than new items in personal and household care categories Рthey simply add more to the topline.