Light shoppers

Posted by Filipa Silverio on May 25, 2021

Even the biggest retailers have many light shoppers – more than one third of their shoppers buy no more than 5 times a year in their stores – and this is much higher at category level. Also, last week we looked at Private Label share reductions in Western Europe so far this year. This is also the case for Discounters – naturally impacting Private Label share performance.

  1. On average for retailers like Tesco & Asda in the UK, more than a third of shoppers only buy 5 times or less per year in their stores. For Discounters this is nearly 50%. Like any brand, retailers have many light buyers – there are more shoppers who buy once a year than twice a year than 3 times a year etc. – and these are missed opportunities.
  2. By category within a retailer, light buyers are even more important. For example in Tesco, half the shoppers only buy once a year and this rises to over 60% for Aldi & Lidl on average. The right range and visibility are key to maximising the probability of choice.
  3. In the big 6 W. European countries, Discounters share continued to fall in Q1 2021 driven by reductions in 4 countries. Covid-19 and the growth of online will be factors but shares and influence remain significant and with increases outside Western Europe, brand investment with Discounters remains very important.