How recycling could lead to brand opportunities

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Sep 04, 2020

This week, we continue with headlines from #WhoCaresWhoDoes 2020, looking at recycling, linking it to academic insights and how this could lead to brand opportunities.

The third article follows several recent questions about loyalty in the light of Covid-19.

  1. Shoppers worldwide want to recycle and see its importance but there remains significant confusion on what can be recycled and what happens to the recycled products afterwards – a brand opportunity?
  2. As above, shoppers want to recycle but find it both confusing and unclear what happens. Show them and inspire a significant increase in recycling.
  3. Shopping frequency since Covid-19 has on average been 10% lower. And online, which has higher loyalty, has grown. These will have the effect of increasing general loyalty – the example here shows the significant difference in loyalty as frequency varies.