Brand size

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Mar 05, 2020

This week there have been several questions about brand size


The first two items look at brand size in relation to online vs offline value and loyalty. The last item looks at how brands are
purchased by the most environmentally conscious shoppers.


  1. Big brands tend to do even better online than offline. Lower online shopping frequency and the level of trust will be key factors – the latter being an important message to continue to reinforce in this setting.
  2. Online loyalty is higher for all brand sizes and especially for smaller brands. Again lower shopping frequency will be a major influence because there are fewer opportunities to swicth. In addition the use of favourites/lists will be important and for small brands, greater availability compared with the average physical store.
  3. It is often assumed that small brands will
    over-index with Eco-Actives, the most environmentally active segment. This is a myth! Brands of all sizes over- and under-index with these shoppers.