Brand growth patterns across Asia and Latin America

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Jul 06, 2020

Over recent weeks we have concentrated on Europe and brand growth over recessionary and other periods. This week we look at whether the patterns are the same across Asia and Latin America:

  1. As in Europe there is inertia. If a brand gains share this tends to last – more than 50% still have a higher share 5 years later. Again like Europe, it is even more likely that losing brands will continue  at a lower level – 60% are still down 5 years on.
  2. The drivers behind brand growth or loss are exactly the same as in Europe – much more innovation, greater physical availability and hence more buyers.
  3. The size of the FMCG market in Europe continues at a higher level but the scale of increase has dropped back in recent weeks as lockdown restrictions have eased. However, shopping frequency remains low.