How to grow share: get more buyers

Posted by europanel on May 20, 2014

more-buyers-chart2Exploring 5 year trends of some 2,400 major brands in 79 FMCG categories across eight European markets reveals two very consistent patterns:

  • Whether the brand has been among the top winners or the top losers in market share, this has little relationship to changes in how often its buyers choose the brand.
  • What explains market share gains and losses is the ability of a brand to attract buyers: On average a 1% change in buyer penetration translates into a 1% change in share. The direct relationship between brand size and number of buyers has been established decades ago by scholars like McPhee or Ehrenberg.

Overall 48% of these brands experienced an increase in market share (the slightly higher number of losers can be attributed to Private Label growth).
These winners tend to launch more new SKUs and a larger part of their assortments consists of new SKUs.

Suggested Readings:
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We are analysing the characteristics of winners and losers in much more detail within BG20, our research program to understand context-specific drivers of brand growth.