Confusion and lack of knowledge about recycling

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Dec 01, 2020

Our first item this week looks at the confusion and lack of knowledge about recycling even amongst those most keen to do so. Secondly we follow up on our webex last week where Professor Kusum Ailawadi considered the relationship between product buyers and physical availability.

And lastly we all know that the out of home business has been badly impacted this year, and so we estimate the impact on overall grocery expenditure.

  1. A recent UK study showed a weak understanding of recycling symbols.
    Eco-actives are also more likely to say that, despite their knowledge and intent, recycling isn’t easy. It should be! An opportunity for brands?
  2. There is, of course, a strong relationship between the number of brand buyers and being available in as many retailers as possible. But being widely available doesn’t guarantee a large buyer base.
  3. Lockdowns have had a devastating impact on Out of Home eating, drinking, snacking and socialising. In home is cheaper and so households have saved money as a result – our estimate is around a 16% saving on average.