The importance to shoppers of water

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Nov 24, 2020

This week our first topic looks at a question on the importance to shoppers of water – in terms of waste, shortage and product usage.
Secondly we received a question about how different categories have performed in this strange year.

And thirdly we look at the latest FMCG trends as new lockdowns take effect.

  1. Whilst water and the use of water is generally a lower priority than climate change, plastic waste or sustainable packaging, there are some countries where its importance to communication and product strategy is much higher.
  2. A wide range of take home categories have shown significant growth this year but some are impacted by the lack of social occasions. The precise categories vary by country dependent on culture and lockdown rules.
  3. As lockdowns are re-imposed, the effect is being seen with another upturn for FMCG although not quite to the extent of the March and April period.