Shopper needs waiting to be addressed

Posted by Oliver Koll on Jul 09, 2014

In a project conducted by Europanel and Roland Berger Consultants for The Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council Europe, nine emerging but poorly met shopper needs were identified. Ranked by importance to the most shoppers, these are:


Smart convenience: Shoppers seek efficiency in all areas – examples could be a subscription model for essentials, payment without going through check out or ‘room service’ delivery speed

Green responsibility: Shoppers increasingly expect sustainably sourced goods that they can trust – examples could be rent-a-cow or rent-a-plot with local farmers?

Technology-enabled savings: Shoppers want a better use of technology to influence prices, be aware of relevant discounts and only get offers they really need.

Quality shopping moments: An increasing number of shoppers find that shopping is not fun. A little inspiration and surprise wouldn’t go amiss!

Stealth health: Well-being should be easy and not more costly! Retailers must find ways to address shoppers’ health concerns, for example via in-store nutrition centres.

100% transparency: Shoppers want to understand ingredients in ‘their language’ and be able to trust claims.

Social networking: Shoppers want independent product and service advice and so influence what products retailers sell – let shoppers decide which products get listed or delisted.

Individualisation: Product recommendations, pack sizes and even language tailored to individual shoppers.

Authenticity: Many shoppers want less complexity, simplified assortment, personal service and smaller store formats.