Retailers Impact

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Jun 01, 2020

Following our recent articles about inertia and momentum for brand winners and losers, we have had questions about whether retailers are impacted in the same way.

We also look again at the latest FMCG trends from around the world.


1. Looking at retailer shares of category in France and the UK over the last recession, we find that winners behave like brands with similar percentages of retained share increases (inertia) and continued share increases (momentum).

2. For retailer category share losers, whilst a significant proportion do not recover, retailers are more likely than brands to be able to reverse the initial loss (46% after four years vs 28% for brands). The influence of retailer category leaders and promotional strategy are the probable drivers.

3. Based on detailed weekly datasets from GfK and Kantar from before lockdown into the most recent weeks, FMCG on average continues to benefit. This still varies significantly by country with the most growth in Europe.