Watch season 2 of #WhoCaresWhoDoes

Posted by Oliver Koll on May 14, 2020

Last year our #WhoCaresWhoDoes study helped us to better understand environmental concerns and actions of consumers around the globe and how they relate to FMCG purchasing. This year we will repeat this study and include new topics like recycling and the perception of specific categories in terms of their environmental impact and possible solutions.

We are curious to see:

  • Has COVID-19 fueled or weakened people’s environmental concerns?
  • Last year nearly 50% of shoppers were Eco-Dismissers – has this reduced?
  • Are shoppers taking more action to reduce their environmental footprint?
  • What do they expect from manufacturers and retailers and has this changed?
  • Has the shopping behaviour of Eco-Actives becoming even more sustainable?

The study will be in the field throughout the next few weeks. By the end of Q3 we will provide

  • customized country reports which focus on buyers of specific brands and/or categories
  • and custom analyses like bespoke buyer segmentations based on environmental concerns and behaviors

Highlights and key insights of the study will also be part of our BG20 summit scheduled for Sept 22 in the afternoon. Invites for the summit to follow shortly.

The chart summarizes some of the study’s benefits. If you want to learn more please get in touch.