Winning and losing brands

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Jul 21, 2020

This week we develop the theme of winning and losing brands by looking at brands that lose after winning, respond to a question we received on category innovation and update the latest FMCG trends

  1. Brands that win in any year have more than a 50% chance of retaining their increase but what about those that then lose it? These brands start to act like losers in all activities including promotion and try to get larger price increases. There is no taking advantage or resting on your laurels!
  2. Which categories innovate more? Innovation is significantly higher in frequently bought categories and more than expected given the much more competitive situation in these categories. So if you operate in these categories, new product introduction is critical.
  3. As reported in the last couple of weeks, FMCG trends have dropped back after lockdown and as restrictions are lifted. This hides large differences by country from a continuing 10% higher level to 10% lower. One consistent pattern is lower shopping frequency and large basket sizes.