Climate change and its importance to shoppers

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Nov 09, 2021

With the recent news dominated by COP26, we concentrate on the importance of Climate Change to shoppers and that many of them see a very significant role for manufacturers. It is worth noting in this regard that the Tesla Model 3 recently became the first electric vehicle to top European monthly sales of new cars!

Also an update on the FMCG market trends showing continued long term growth in Western Europe and USA as working from home remains higher than pre-pandemic.

  1. Even before COP26, climate change was the biggest environmental issue for shoppers
    In Europe, half of all shoppers ranked Climate Change the top issue. Even though its ranking is 6th and 7th in Asia and Latam respectively, it remains important and the top concerns are very closely related. Brand credentials on these issues will become even more important.
  2. Nearly 1 in 3 shoppers look to manufacturers to control and limit environmental damage
    Although, as expected, governments are the main target, many shoppers look to manufacturers to make a difference. This doesn’t have to be about positioning but ensuring that your brands deliver the right, consistent environmental credentials.
  3. Into the third quarter, FMCG values in Western Europe and USA continue to outstrip 2019
    Although FMCG values have largely been below the peaks of 2020, so far this year the market is 7% above 2019 and 4% above in the third quarter … and as yet, there have been no significant increases in prices.