How are eco-active profiles growing more than others?

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Feb 09, 2021

This week we firstly look at how brands with an eco-active profile are growing more than others; secondly setting the scene for a series of insights on new products; and finally looking at how FMCG online share jumped a level in 2020 and then plateaued.


  1. Due to the pandemic and the growth in FMCG overall, on average the top UK brands increased penetration but those with an Eco-Active footprint increased much more than brands that under indexed with this segment.
  2. Looking at 30,000 brands in 27 countries, 13% of their annual value is new products. A slightly higher 16% is the share of the assortment but virtually 9 in 10 are small ‘renovations’.
  3. Based on the average for the ‘Big 6’ countries in W Europe, online shares jumped in the first period of lockdown but apart from an increase pre-Christmas, are now very stable.