Brands and their eco profile

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Feb 02, 2021

This week we continue our theme on brands and their eco profile, showing that many big brands perform well with environmentally aware shoppers; we also finalise our analysis of premium brands by looking at the impact of added competition on individual premium brand performance; and lastly, but importantly, showing that the number of buyers remains the key driver of growth.


  1. Whilst smaller brands identify more with the most environmentally aware group, it is noteworthy that this is also the case for many large brands – especially bearing in mind that larger brands tend towards an average profile.
  2. The premium segment increased into 2019 due to innovation, with a 21% increase in the number of premium brands. But the average share per brand declined with this added competition.
  3. Looking at over 1000 category trends for 2020 vs 2019, there is almost a perfect correlation between volume and penetration change and the relationship is close to 1 to 1.