Losing brands insights and FMCG online

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Jul 09, 2020

This week our three themes are developing losing brands insights, FMCG online – hype or myth and the latest FMCG trends

  1. In recent weeks we have shown that if a brand loses share it is more than 50% as likely to still be lower 5 years later. What about the brands that recover from loss, what do they do? Firstly they act like winners – innovation, distribution, range, more buyers, but this comes at a cost because they also increase their levels of promotion.
  2. Since just before lockdown there has been considerable hype about the growth of online. You could almost believe online had taken over! In reality, yes there is huge growth and brands need to be geared up for this, but the market has also grown and offline still represents well over 90% of the business nearly everywhere.
  3. FMCG trends on average are now much more stable across countries. This depends very much on the local Covid-19 rules and situation – the average hides the fact that several countries are still showing significant growth. Meanwhile, shopping frequency continues at a much reduced level nearly everywhere.