Shoppers have clear intentions to be sustainable

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Oct 05, 2021

COP26 is coming up in a few weeks time and climate change will again feature highly in the news. Our latest #WhoCaresWhoDoes 2021 study, launched this week, shows that climate change is already top of mind. Shoppers are also stating clear intentions to make changes to reduce their carbon footprint and this will impact their choices.

We also look at the latest FMCG online purchasing shares – now showing stability rather than growth.

  1. Climate change – the biggest issue for shoppers and a universal concern across countries
    Climate change is again the biggest global issue for shoppers in 2021. 42% rank it within their top 3 issues, compared with 34% for Plastic Waste which has now fallen just behind Water Pollution. Climate change is especially key as it is a top issue across countries.
  2. Large numbers of shoppers intend to take action to reduce their carbon footprint
    The importance of Climate Change to shoppers globally is driving action to reduce their carbon footprint. We know that shopper concerns about plastics leads to changed purchase decisions and it is highly likely that choice will also be influenced by a brand’s carbon credentials.
  3. As lockdown rules continue to relax and vaccination levels rise, online FMCG shares are no longer growing
    Online shares peaked early in 2021 but like in 2020 have dropped back and are now stable compared with last year. The drop back is now spread across different demographic groups and is at odds with predictions of huge share gains.