How shoppers are looking for effortless solutions

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Nov 10, 2020

Last week we looked at the gap between desire and action when trying to purchase in an environmental way – our first article shows how shoppers are looking for effortless solutions.

The second topic is from a question we received about how retailers develop category share and how this relates to their range of products. Finally we update the latest FMCG trends to show both continuing and even increasing growth.

  1. Confusion on recycling. Lack of follow-through from desire to action in terms of purchasing and reducing environmental footprint. There is a huge opportunity to get this right for the consumer and make it easy.
  2. For all retailers in 3 countries over a 5 year period, it is clear that the space and variety allocated to a category has a direct relationship to share growth.
  3. As Covid-19 numbers have increased again and restrictions are re-imposed, the FMCG market has started to show another increase.