The attraction effect and shoppers views on environmental damage

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Oct 27, 2020

This week we conclude our review of the impacts of new products on choice – the attraction effect. In addition, we look at whether shoppers are positive or negative about our ability to limit environmental damage.

And lastly with regard to the FMCG market this year, how Private Labels are developing compared with brands.

  1. Some countries are much more pessimistic and others much more hopeful. How can you help drive hope and how is this affecting their choice of brands?
  2. The picture is mixed! In some countries less Discounter growth and online increases have helped brands but in others, mainstream retailers or continued Discounter growth have helped Private Label.
  3. Adding a new product enhances the utility and the choice probability of the relatively superior option because the new introduction raises the awareness, appeal and benefits of the better version – a potential route for sustainable options?