High Frequency Means Many Buyers!

Posted by Oliver Koll on Apr 12, 2017

It probably won’t come as a surprise that categories that are purchased at least 20 times per year are also categories that are purchased by nearly everyone. All of the categories that exceed this mark are purchased by at least 4 out of 5 households (with the exception of Petfood, which naturally has fewer buyers).

However, the reverse doesn’t always hold true. Looking at categories purchased by 40-60% of households, frequency of purchase ranges from two times a year to eight times a year. The categories that are purchased by everyone but not very often – Shampoo, Household Cleaners, and Chocolate Spreads in Italy – are less common. Attracting more shoppers remains the key to driving category frequency.

*Based on 969 categories in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy Netherlands, Spain, UK, Czech R, Poland, Romania, Slovakia,USA, and China