Product trial rates by country and Discounter insights

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Feb 23, 2021

This week we continue our theme of innovation by looking at new product trial rates by country.
But first there are some insights on Discounters following some questions on this topic, the third insight is on the share stability or even slight decline of Private Label and Discounters in Western Europe in 2020.


  1. A mutually beneficial win-win position can be reached for brand listings at Discounters. There is little cannibalisation with buyer & volume incrementality for both parties.
  2. The average new SKU in Europe reaches a penetration of 1.5% after 2 years but this varies significantly by country due to: how many SKUs are already available; how many new products are launched; the retailer structure; and how ‘innovative’ shoppers are.
  3. The pandemic has had significant economic effects. But it also led to shortages, less frequent shopping, less shopping around, much more use of online and purchasing of unfamiliar categories – and these factors were beneficial to brands and mainstream retailers.