#WhoCaresWhoDoes 2020 headlines and private label trends

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Jul 30, 2020

This week we look at the first surprising headlines from our global #WhoCaresWhoDoes study 2020

We also aggregate a number of countries from the Europanel Barometer to look at FMCG and Private Label trends this year.

  1. #WhoCaresWhoDoes in 2019 showed clear links between Eco shopper attitudes and actions and what they buy. Sustainability hasn’t gone away but has heightened in spite of Covid-19. Are your brands meeting the needs of this increasing number of Eco-Active buyers?
  2. There is little doubt that the current crisis has significantly expanded the FMCG market in many countries – many more people have been at home with less eating and drinking out of home. Right into June/July these increased levels of business have continued even as countries have started to come out of lockdown.
  3. Brands have done well over the crisis. A variety of factors are at play – distribution in proximity outlets and using a new channel such as online or buying ‘new’ categories could lead to the purchase of trusted brands.