What are the disanvantages of appealing to Eco-Actives

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Oct 26, 2021

Last week we considered the potential downsides for categories and brands as sustainable choices increase. This week we look at the upsides of appealing to these shoppers. In addition, we have been tracking the development of FMCG online shopping in Europe – now we look at Asia.

  1. Companies and brands that are able to attract sustainable shoppers will be rewarded
    2 in 3 shoppers have stopped purchasing a product/service with a negative impact on the environment – and a similar high % have switched to a product/service with a positive impact. These decisions lead to the levels of risk identified in the category loss predictions shown last week.
  2. Brands that do well with Eco-Actives are growing quickest
    Brands can benefit from their appeal to sustainable shoppers – the 10 brands which over-index most with Eco-actives are growing between 2x up to 7x faster than average dependent on country.
  3. Share growth for online FMCG in Asia has slowed in the countries where shares are highest
    With lockdown, Western Europe showed a change of level for online performance within FMCG but that has now stabilised – and we are also seeing slower share growth in the most developed online countries in Asia.