Eco-Actives most critical about product labelling

Posted by Oliver Koll on Nov 18, 2019

Eco-Actives aim to avoid plastic waste, purchase sustainable products and seek “green” consumption. Does this behavior translate into the information these shoppers seek from manufacturers? Yes, Eco-Actives are more attentive to food and product labelling compared to Eco-Believers, Eco-Considerers and Eco-Dismissers:

  • Globally, Eco-Actives show the highest awareness of nutrition and sustainability facts. Their interest in sustainability information on packaging is very pronounced compared to the other shopper profiles. à see figure.
  • Eco-Actives from Western and Eastern Europe search even more intensively for sustainable facts compared to Eco-Actives from Asia and Latin America.
  • Ingredient-wise, palm oil arouses the highest interest amongst European Eco-Actives: Shoppers from Russia (91%), Spain (73%) and France (70%) in particular verify if a product contains palm oil or not.
  • Production-wise shoppers in Western Europe also care most: For example, Austrian Eco-Actives show the highest interest in fairtrade (50%) while German Eco-Actives intensively check for animal welfare (36%).

Providing environmentally-friendly products and related information to Eco-Actives (but also Eco-Believers and Eco-Considerers) is a way to listen to and care for their needs. Manufacturers who want to approach these target groups need to offer a distinct value for these consumers based on health, environmental and social welfare.