The top brands don’t get all the buyers!

Posted by Oliver Koll on Nov 15, 2016

Even leading brands struggle to attract a majority of categortop5y buyers. Across 13 countries and over 80 categories, the top brand, on average, captures 24% of the total market volume and reaches 38% of category buyers. Together, the top five brands capture 48% of the market, but struggle to jointly reach all category buyers (see figure). Because there is considerable overlap between buyers of the top 5 brands, many category buyers are not buying any of the top five brands.

Some noteworthy outliers: The summed reach of the top 5 brands in Czech, Italy and Poland is more than 100% of category buyers, whereas it is less than 80% in Spain, Germany and Belgium. The level of private label success, the fragmentation of the brand landscape and shopping frequencies are reasons for these differences. Either way there is a lot of headroom: Only 3% of all brands reach more than half of category buyers in a given year.