Sustainability and latest FMCG trends

Posted by europanel on Aug 21, 2020

Whilst we concentrate this week on sustainability, just a few points on the latest FMCG trends.

A couple of weeks ago, we showed continued growth into mid-year for FMCG in Europe, USA and Japan. This is also true of Latin America where quarter 2 volume was 7.6% ahead of 2019. With the relaxation of rules and opening of bars/restaurants we can expect a slowdown in growth but we still believe and see that some growth will continue.


  1. The Eco-Actives group is 50% higher in 2020. Whilst Under 35s are still under-represented the growth has been nearly 70% and even more so in Europe. All ages are now acting on sustainability.
  2. This reduction is probably due to Covid-19 BUT there has still been an increase looking at Palm Oil and recyclable packaging. With reduced time in store it is critical that your sustainable assets stand out on the pack and on shelf
  3. Sustainable brand credentials have a direct impact on purchasing behaviour. This is especially important because there are 50% more Eco-Actives and 25% fewer Eco-Dismissers now than last year