Portfolio sizes differ by market

Posted by Oliver Koll on Jan 31, 2019

Two out of three manufacturers are single brand single category players. What about the brand portfolio size and category scope of manufacturers with a larger portfolio?

  • In the 6 countries* analysed we find, on average, 2,412 different manufacturers and 4,015 different brands across our category scope. 75% of all manufacturers have only one brand, but sometimes this brand is present in multiple categories or markets. 1 in 4 manufacturers have at least two brands competing in the same category.
  • The German and the Brazilian markets are the most competitive ones: We find, on average, 60 manufacturers per category in Germany and 73 in Brazil, as opposed to 22 in Ireland
  • Not surprisingly, manufacturers that have many brands own higher market shares. For example, German manufacturers with more than 10 brands in their portfolio (just 1.2% of all manufacturers) have a combined 16% share of total FMCG (in the BG20 scope), whereas the 74% of manufacturers with just one brand jointly reach 12% share.

In summary most manufacturers follow a single brand single category strategy. Manufacturers with more brands gain a higher value share on average. In our final blog entry we investigate how the type of brand portfolio strategy impacts the level of value and volume share.