Pet care least innovative

Posted by Oliver Koll on Jul 12, 2016

InnoIn our last blog we investigated how category penetration and purchase frequency impact the variety shoppers encounter in that category (see April 16). This time we examine whether some categories are more innovative than others (relative to their total assortment size). We analysed the number of launches in 2014 across 9 markets and up to 79 categories: Of the almost 40,000 new SKUs launched household care has the highest number of new SKUs relative to its assortment size (12% of the assortment is new), followed by food (9%). Pet care in comparison is the least innovative category group with only 7% new SKUs relative to its total assortment size. But this may change: pet humanization, treating pets like human beings, is a hot consumer trend. Beef bolognese for Buck please!