Big retailers continue their growth

Posted by Oliver Koll on Dec 10, 2014


Some headlines on recent retailer developments:

  • In the 14 Western European countries, the number of major retailer banners used per household per year is now 4.4. This is slightly down compared with 2010. The only countries where the number of banners visited is up are the UK (more choice), and Italy and Greece where larger banners continue to develop.
  • The average market share for the number 1 retailer is 23.5% up from 22.6% in 2010 although some of the big players are under pressure – Aldi in Germany, Tesco in UK and more recently, Mercadona in Spain. Their market share can vary between 11% (Italy) to 44% (Sweden).
  • 110 million  households shopped at Lidl in 2013 in 18 European countries – this is more than half the total number of households and is the highest of any retailer by a considerable margin.