Shoppers want industry to cut down on plastic

Posted by Oliver Koll on Aug 28, 2019

More pro-environmental behaviours may be the result of (un)conscious choices by consumers, government intervention or activities by industry. Regarding specific retailer or manufacturer actions, consumers* around the globe demand the following:

  • The top 3 actions demanded from manufacturers and retailers relate to the re-consideration of plastic packaging and include for example, the usage of recyclable plastic or the ban of plastic bags for fruit- and vegetables (à see table).
  • We find slight differences for regions: Consumers from South America and Asia rated the use of biodegradable plastic for product packaging amongst the top 3 manufacturer actions. This is not amongst the 3 most important actions European consumers ask from brands.
  • Overall, consumers are less convinced that information alone will trigger a behavioural change. Manufacturer and retailer actions that are least promising to consumers include providing clear information on the website on the re-usage of packaging, instructions how to recycle/dispose packaging material, and financial support for local or global (consumer) initiatives.

Consumers seem to be doubtful about their own (or others’) engagement to behave consciously regarding the environment. The route they perceive as most promising is to remove plastic as much as possible from the assortment. If you want to learn more how these preferences differ for specific countries, category or brand buyers, please get in touch.