Winning brands: Only 3% price increase over 5 years

Posted by Oliver Koll on Jun 17, 2014

Folie1Among some 6000 brands studied in 79 categories across 13 European countries the 500 brands with the biggest volume share gains 2008-2012 have increased prices paid by only 3% over this time period. This is substantially less than inflation rates over the same time period (11% for food over this period) and less than the average for all brands (10%).

Relative to the category the 500 top share-winning brands have reduced their price premium versus the category average from about 20% down to 8%.

While these brands still sell with price premia of 70% versus retailer brands, their categories have seen a slight decrease in the volume share owned by retailer brands.

As always – averages hide some noteworthy brand-, category- and country-specific bg20-230differences.