Highly sustainable attitudes and behaviours of Eco-Active

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Dec 22, 2020

This week we look in more depth at some of the highly sustainable attitudes and behaviours of Eco-Actives and that they are influenced by older rather than younger age groups. The second two topics look at trade channel development this year across Europe – how both Online and Discounter trends hide important underlying nuances.


  1. Younger age groups are significantly under-represented in Eco-actives but this older aged group has much more active views and are much more likely to change their purchasing behaviour.
  2. Looking at some of the most developed FMCG online countries, shares have been highest when Covid restrictions were toughest but dropped back when things were more ‘normal’. Are the lower shares more likely in 2021 and how are your brands faring in this dynamic landscape?
  3. In W.Europe, Discounter shares are slightly down in 2020 as online and proximity stores win share. In E.Europe, Discounters are still the winners in all countries.