How has the pandemic effected shopping behaviours around the world

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Dec 21, 2021

The pandemic has led to different effects on FMCG product category shopping behaviour around the world. In Western Europe/USA more categories are being bought whilst in other parts of the world, it is fewer categories.

In addition this week, we review the latest share trend for FMCG online purchasing in Europe – and this remains static.

This is our last Pick of the Week this year and so Happy Christmas and all the best for 2022.


  1. Since the pandemic hit in Western Europe and USA, shoppers have bought more categories, more often and in greater quantities
    Total shopping frequency dropped from the start of the pandemic but the sheer volume of purchasing led to more frequent category buying as well as more buyers per category and more volume per occasion. This means that the share-of-wallet individual brands command must come under pressure because of the additional choice opportunities each trip creates.
  2. Outside Europe and USA, the pandemic had less impact on FMCG purchasing but shoppers have been more selective
    The shopper reaction to the pandemic outside W Europe/USA has been more selective – fewer categories, less often but with much more on each occasion. Key here is to ensure your brand remains front of mind and as widely available as possible.
  3. Up to October 2021 FMCG online shares remain static and below recent peaks
    Online shares peaked early in 2021 but like in 2020 have dropped back and remain stable compared with last year. With upcoming increased Covid restrictions we might expect a further increase to the end of the year.