Sustainability is an even more important influence on shoppers

Posted by europanel on Sep 28, 2021

Our latest #WhoCaresWhoDoes 2021 study shows that sustainability is an even more important influence on shoppers and that there is yet another increase in the most environmentally active segments.

Also this week we look at the out-of-home market which has suffered significantly since the start of Covid lockdowns but as restrictions ease, recovery has followed.

  1. Sustainability remains a key and growing issue for shoppers despite the pandemic
    Half of shoppers say that sustainability is more or much more important since the pandemic and a further 44% say it’s equally important. These attitudes drive choice and so brands/retailers must get on board
  2. The most environmentally driven shopper segments continue to grow significantly
    Eco-Actives and Eco-Considerers are the shopper segments that do most to reduce their environmental footprint. There has been another increase in their importance in 2021 driven by Europe. These shoppers do what they say and buy brands accordingly
  3. Significant recovery for out of home consumption as covid restrictions ease
    Whilst the in-home grocery market is, as expected, below the lockdown peaks of 2020, it remains higher than 2019. In addition, a large part of the losses for the out-of-home market last year have been recovered