Manufacturer brand portfolios

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Jun 22, 2021

This week we begin a new focus area – manufacturer brand portfolios – here looking at the relationship with category buying frequency. The second article brings us up to date on the balance between out-of-home and in-home consumption in Q1 2021. And lastly we update the latest trends for the share of FMCG business being bought online.


  1. The more often a category is bought the bigger the sales and the more brands there are. Multiple brand portfolios for manufacturers are also more likely. Is this variety of brands designed to cater for more shopper needs? And is this necessary? See future editions of Pick of the Week!
  2. The exact trends by country reflect differing rules but the recovery in China links to a comparison with a poor Covid related New Year in 2020 and a marked recovery for Cafes/coffee shops, and Milk tea houses.
  3. Online share peaked early in 2021 but like in 2020 this has dropped back. One factor, confirmed in the UK, is that older age groups, who helped drive online last year are returning in part to in-store shopping.