Posted by Filipa Silverio on Nov 30, 2021

A couple of weeks ago we showed that less than 50% of shoppers could name a brand with genuine concern for the environment. Our #WhoCaresWhoDoes study shows that there are clear pathways to getting the message across – especially packaging.

Also this week, Discounter shares in Western Europe remain stable with some variation by country.


  1. What influences more sustainable shopper choices? Packaging, family, media
    Manufacturer activities regarding the environment and society are not cutting through – only 41% of shoppers can name a brand that shows genuine concern. Is your brand using the critical communications pathways effectively?
  2. Packaging is a key route to shaping sustainable shopper behaviour – ensure visibility of the key attributes
    Packaging material, country of origin, clear recycling information and important ingredients must be easy to see and, of course, tell the right story.
  3. Discounter shares remain stable in Western Europe
    The pandemic significantly impacted shopping behaviour and store choice with much more online, lower frequency and larger basket sizes. So far in 2021, Discounter shares remain stable on average in the big countries in W Europe despite some increases in Italy and despite inflationary fears.