Environmental insights and long term volume trends

Posted by Filipa Silverio on Sep 24, 2020

Following our summit this week on the #WhoCaresWhoDoes 2020 study, two of the articles look at insights on environmental influencers and shopper view on solutions – and how important it is to get this right in a local and category context.

The third article reviews long term volume trends for Food & Beverages vs Household Care vs Personal Care and how Covid-19 has had differential impacts.

  1. Whilst ‘my children’ are always a key environmental influencer there are significant nuances by Eco segment and variation by country.
  2. Global views on what matters differs by category but can and does vary hugely by country – for example ‘local’ on Fresh is much higher in Europe whilst 100% recyclable packaging is key in Latam. Again know your audience.
  3. In recent years, FMCG growth had been driven by Household Care and especially Personal Care. Lockdown rules have changed this dynamic and this is likely to continue as new restrictions are imposed.